Destiny Christian School and Community Centre uses community outreach to seek out the impoverished children of Matero and provide them with both the spiritual and academic tools to become educated and empowered members of their community.

Welcome to Destiny Christian School and Community Centre. We are excited to show you what Christ is doing in the Matero Community in Lusaka, Zambia, and to give information which will help others be involved in prayer, service, and participation in our school and community life.

Destiny Christian School and Community Centre was founded on three main objectives:


Education at Destiny School takes place in ten classrooms serving Preschool – Grade 9. The students learn mathematics, English, physical education, Science and technology, religious studies, and social development skills. Our goal is to provide an education without barriers and equip children to stand on their own in the future.


Within the realm of skills training, Destiny has an integrated IMG_4222tailoring and knitting program employing widows who make school uniforms and offer sewing services to the community. This effort educates women with little to no marketable skills who have lost their husbands, some to HIV/AIDS. This program helps them support their families.

Destiny acts as a forum for youth to meet and safely discuss
issues affecting young people such as sex, alcohol, drugs,
and youth unemployment. Furthermore, we encourage
innovative solutions through skill training and assistance in employment efforts.

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